Preschool Learning Programs

Eastmont School’s early education programs are designed to create a bridge between preschool and kindergarten for our youngest students. Our Christian preschool learning programs—3’s early education, 4’s early education, and junior kindergarten—follow the Core Knowledge preschool sequence, which provides a coherent foundation for our K-5 elementary school curriculum.  We also use an award winning multi-sensory language arts program called Zoo-phonics to teach reading, spelling and writing. This is a fun and playful program that is research proven. 

Enrichment times for our 3’s class is 15 minutes of Spanish on Fridays, and our 4’s class receive 15 minutes of Spanish, PE, and Music each week. We love creating a hands-on experiential learning environment for our students. Each day is full of opportunities for learning and growing, in addition to fostering spiritual growth through our Jesus Story Book Bible curriculum.


Junior Kindergarten Program (young 5’s)

Eastmont School’s transitional kindergarten program is a student-centered environment designed for 5-year-old students who are not quite ready either socially, academically or age wise for regular kindergarten.. Our junior kindergarten program supports a continuation of spiritual and childhood development. With a class ratio of 9:1, our 5-year-old students receive the individual attention and guidance they need. Junior kindergarten enrichment times include 30 minutes of Spanish, PE, and Music each week.

Eastmont School is a private Christian school that currently enrolls 150 students. We are currently accepting new students and invite you to contact us today to learn more about our early education and preschool daycare programs.

3’s Program

4’s Program

Jr. Kindergarten Program