Jr. Kindergarten Program (young 5’s)

Eastmont Christian Elementary School | Junior Kindergarten Program

Our Jr. Kindergarten program is designed for 5-year-old students who are not quite ready either socially, academically or age wise for regular kindergarten.

Students in Jr. Kindergarten must turn 5 before January 1st.

This class meets five days a week from 9:00 – 12:30 with a maximum capacity of 18 students and 2 adults for a student to teacher ratio of 9 to 1.

We have 30 minutes each of Spanish, PE, and Music each week. We use a variety of methods to teach the children about Jesus including Bible stories, Bible characters, and characteristics of prayer. We teach the seven days of creation incorporating the following things:

  • Life cycles (plant/animal/humans)
  • Space
  • Properties of light, air & water
  • Land & water features
  • Birds & sea creatures
  • Bugs, amphibians, & reptiles
  • Dental health & hygiene
  • 5 senses

Our academic curriculum includes:

  • Alphabet recognition, sounds, formation & matching capitals and lower case letters
  • Recognition, formation, and order of numbers 1 – 20
  • Math concepts such as patterning, sorting & classifying, 1-1 correspondence, sequencing, adding, subtracting & money
  • Holidays….and much more!

Jr. Kindergarten assess students all year long and holds one conference per year.