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Children love coming to school at Eastmont. Our integrated approach to teaching and learning focuses on the personal, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of children. Our small class sizes and devoted teachers create a positive and enriched learning environment, and we are one of the few private Christian elementary schools teaching the Core Knowledge curriculum in Bend, Oregon.



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Why Choose a Christian Elementary School?

Over the course of a year, Eastmont School’s elementary students receive over 50 extra hours of instructional time compared to their public school peers. Additionally, MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test scores are higher than average for Eastmont School’s elementary students. Eastmont School’s elementary school curriculum is taught by teachers who have backgrounds and experience in the areas they teach. For example, our PE teacher coached women’s basketball at OSU. Additionally, students attend a weekly chapel taught by the principal, and our general education teachers teach a Bible curriculum each day.

  • We keep our classes small to provide as much individualized instruction as possible for your child
  • We offer specialized instruction in Art, Music, Spanish, and Physical Education
  • Our preschool and elementary school teachers have state teacher licenses, and many have Master’s  degrees
  • All of our teachers have a commitment to Christ and a love for children
  • We offer a certified childcare and preschool daycare programs for our students and their siblings

There are many reasons parents start their children’s education with faith-based learning programs. Quite often, parents who want a more affordable private education for their children choose Eastmont School. We welcome faith-based and non-faith-based families with open arms. Private Christian schools like Eastmont School in Bend are often more affordable than other comparable private schools in surrounding Central Oregon communities.